Reds staffer Chris Herrell returned to the office today for the first time in 10 months.  Earlier this baseball season, he underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare form of blood cancer.

In a show of support (and celebration), members of the Reds front office surprised Chris this morning in the Champions Club at Great American Ball Park.  Reds personnel secretly arrived to the club and lined up as a gauntlet, showering Chris with applause and high-fives as he entered the room.

Reds COO Phil Castellini officially announced Herrell’s comeback to the staff.  Chris told the group he was very thankful for the support of the Reds organization and its employees.

It certainly was a great way to start a Monday morning.  You can tell what kind of person Chris is by simply seeing the support he’s received.  It’s a pleasure (and a blessing) to have him back with us.

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Here are some pics…

Welcome back, Herrell!!!!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back! Glad to hear stories like this. Much bigger than the game of baseball!

I always hate to hear stories of people getting cancer, but I LOVE hearing about new members of the Survivor club. Congrats Chris and Welcome to the Club. I hope you continue to see good progress.

This is so awesome to see such great support for Chris from a terrific organization – go Reds! And way to go, Chris!

s a fellow member of the “survivor club” great to see you back. Good health and long life.

Happy,happy,happy!!!!!!!!! Welcome back.

YAY CHRIS!!!! Thoughts and prayers continue to be sent your way but so glad to see you back at GABP!

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