Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Reds fans of all ages! ………….

It’s time to vote for the third annual Burt Awards…or as we at BOR Headquarters like to call it – “The Burts.”

The Burts – named after Better Off Red mascot Burt BobbleRed – are fans choice awards recognizing the accomplishments and quirks that contributed to a memorable season for the 2013 Reds.

In addition to the traditional categories (MVP, Best Pitcher, etc), we also have some unconventional awards to hand out, such as “Best Mascot,” “Favorite Game” and “Best Hair.

Beginning every Monday, through November 4, a new batch of categories will be unveiled for voting.  Polls will close at Midnight, November 10.  Results will be posted right here on BOR on Monday, November 11.

The nominees for each category were determined by the hard-working staff at Better Off Red and members of the Cincinnati Reds front office.  We tried to limit the number of nominees to 5 per category, but as you’ll see, in some instances, we had to include more than 5.

You can vote as much and as often as you’d like.  If you lose track of the polls/nominees, the Burt Awards blog posts are listed under the “Categories” section, which is located on the sidebar of Better Off Red. –>>

*****As an added bonus, prizes will be randomly given to voters discussing the Burt Awards in the “Comments” section of each blog post, as well as to folks who Tweet about the Burts using the hashtag #TheBurts.  (Again, prizes will be awarded at random).

So without further ado, the first 5 polls are open!


Our first category is 2013 Reds Most Valuable Player.  We limited the nominees to position players since we’ll also have a 2013 Reds Most Valuable Pitcher category.  Last year, Brandon Phillips took home the “Burt” with 32% of the vote.


This poll is for the Best Reds Baserunner.  Keep in mind, sometimes the best baserunner isn’t always the fastest.  Last year, Drew Stubbs won this category with 54% of the vote.


Next is Best Newbie.  Nominees were based on “rookie” status as well as “newcomer” status to the Reds club.  Last year, Todd Frazier won with 45% of the vote.


This poll is for Best Announcer.  “Mercury” Marty Brennaman is going for his third consecutive Burt Award in this category.  Can he do it?


The final category for Day One voting is Best GABP Promotional Giveaway.  There were lots to choose from in 2013, so cast your vote wisely.  Last year the Reds Stein won by just 4 votes; it’s a nominee again this year.


Official Rules for BETTER OFF RED Giveaways: Employees, officers, directors, representatives and agents of any MLB entity and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries & affiliated companies and their immediate families and those living in their same household, whether or not related, are not eligible for any Better Off Red (ramsey.mlblogs.com) giveaway. Better Off Red (ramsey.mlblogs.com) will determine giveaway recipients in its sole and absolute discretion. If you have received a Better Off Red (ramsey.mlblogs.com) giveaway in the last 30 days, you’re not eligible. If you live more than 100 miles from the ballpark where a game for which tickets are being given away will be played, you are not eligible for that ticket giveaway. If a giveaway recipient is determined to be ineligible, Better Off Red (ramsey.mlblogs.com) may, in its sole and absolute discretion, not give away the goods or ticket(s) or may give the goods or ticket(s) to the next eligible follower. You will be required to privately (through Twitter direct message or email) provide your name and address if you are selected as a giveaway recipient. Better Off Red (ramsey.mlblogs.com) will not keep or store your information or use it for any purpose other than sending your giveaway item(s) or providing you information on receiving the item(s). Giveaways are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules or regulations.


Best Baserunner I would think is a definite win for Billy Hamilton

I was torn on a couple… the base runner & newbie… voted with my heart. Good catagories J.

I was torn on a couple… best base runner & newbie. Good catagories J.

MVP was a tough choice. Looking forward to seeing how other fans voted for MVP.

Joe Z all the way!

Thanks for this, Jamie. Helped remind me that the Reds had a lot of positives this season.

The toughest race this year will be best facial hair, in between Corky and Sam.

I think Bruce & Phillips will battle for MVP… Choo should easily win “Newcomer” IMO, and Hamilton should be the best baserunner. I also LOVED the Mat Latos bobblehead.

Base runner/newbie are tough. I know he was here for a short time, but gotta go with B Ham for base runner. He made a lot of key SB.

Thanks for putting these together Jamie. Allows us to think of the nice season the team had, rather than the way it ended.

This makes the early offseason sting just a little bit less!! One of my favorite parts of BOR!!

Choo, Billy, Chappy, Jim Day (Everyday). All get my votes.

Luv those boys!!!

Bruce for MVP, Choo for Newbie. No question there for me. And I love nothing more than my Latos Bobble head

He wasn’t an option, but I think that Joey Votto is the Best Baserunner…not the fastest but he picks his spots well and runs well. Hamilton relys on pure speed…Votto is smart about his baserunning abilities.

Billy Hamilton should garner 13/14 ths of the base running votes.

Billy Hamilton was easily the most effective baserunner on the team. Jay Bruce gets my MVP vote, with his productivity and overall improvements being exceptional. I miss watching and listening to Brantley and Welsh on FSN, they always have me rolling.

Picking the MVP was kind of tough.

Very Interesting poll. I voted🙂

The Burts! Let’s Go Reds!!!

Mat Latos bobble head was by far the coolest give away of the 2013 season

Doesn’t matter who wins they are all wonderful REDS

I wish I could vote for all the Red’s cause they win and lose as a team. Looking forward to the 2014 season!! Love our Cincy Reds!!!!!

Todd Frazier is awesome! That catch where he flipped into the camera hole at PNC during the wildcard game was amazing!

Best Baserunner falls to Hamilton by default because he might be the only one w/o bone-headed baserunning, though on a limited sample.

“And this one belongs to the Reds!” Best Announcer seems no contest.

Love the Reds!!! Love Jay Bruce!!

So glad you’re doing this!

Bruce, Hamilton, Choo, Latos Bobblehead, Jim Day!!

So hard to choose, they are all MVPs

Go Redd

Choo without doubt is the MVP in my book. The only true lead off man the Reds have had in years. OBP was out of this world. I would have voted him the best base runner if Hamilton hadn’t made it up the last month. He may eventually be the best base stealer ever in the majors. And, no one can top Marty. No one.

And the burt award for “red who looks just like the batman is…homer bailey!!!! awesome!!!! Mvp!!!

I would really have liked to vote for Jim Day ad best announcer, since we have the same name, but Marty is still the best!

I was torn on a couple as well. Wow. Best newbie had to be Choo. Hamilton was the better baserunner but Choo had a great season. And best announcer? You’d think it’d be a lock for Marty. Well, I didn’t listen to them on radio enough to get a ton of Marty. And who doesn’t love the Cowboy talking about food?? I love it. But had to go Marty. MVP had to be Bruce. Phillips a close second, but his big slump at the end hurt. Bruce had his most consistent season of his career. Bruce is your MVP.

Wish my weekend ticket package included Mothers’ Day!

Love #TheBurts ! The easiest vote was for “Mercury” Marty, the best broadcaster there Is!

So much fun remembering the 2013 season, and looking forward to an even greater 2014! Always and forever….Go Reds!!!

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