WC Roster


Can someone please explain to me how Billy Hamilton is eligible for a pist-season roster when he wasn’t called up until September 3.

Please oh please oh please win tonight!!!!

He was called up on roster expansions on Aug 31 officially. Just didn’t join the team til the 3rd b/c they were on a road trip I believe.

He replaced either Masset or Broxton who are on the DL.

Hamilton is eligible due to DL players. Hamilton was with the organization all season and therefore is eligible to substitute for a DL Player.

Could you please post the scorecard for tonight’s game when you get a chance? I’d like to keep score at home. Thanks!

You don’t want to fill one out yourself?

We don’t get TBS so I am actually doing the commentary myself tonight for my family while watching postseason.tv, should be fun.

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