Hey gang!  Hope all is well.  HUGE weekend here at GABP.  I hope you’ve got your game faces on!

Here’s some random stuff for ya…

We hope to see you at the ballpark this weekend.  It’s going to be a big series against the Pirates and the Reds could use all the support that they can get in order to secure home-field advantage for the Wild Card game (Tuesday).

If you don’t have your tickets yet, here’s the deal:

  • There are plenty of tickets remaining for tonight (Friday).
  • Single seats and Standing Room Only tickets ($10) are available for Saturday.
  • A limited supply of tickets remain for Sunday.


Each year, the Reds corporate sales department puts on an “All-Star Cruise” giveaway;  the winner gets an 8-night cruise on the eastern Caribbean.  It’s the same cruise that Marty and some of the players go on each year.

This year the number of entries for this contest have, quite frankly, been sparse.  So, Better Off Red is stepping in to help out….

Print out the entry form below and mail it in and you’ll be entered to win….




Tonight is Social Media Night at GABP.

If you are lucky enough to have purchased tickets for this event, your t-shirt will be available to pick-up behind section 110.


In addition to all the fun stuff that goes along with Social Media night, Reds Hall of Famer Sean Casey tonight will be taking over the @Reds Twitter account while 2013 MLB Fan Cave dweller (and one of the funniest guys online) Ben Wietmarschen will handle the controls of the Reds Instagram account (@RedsBaseball).

Be sure to log on and see what those fellas are up to…


Congratulations to my boss and mentor (and Wilmington, Ohio’s favorite son) Rob Butcher, who served as grand marshal of the Wilmington High School Homecoming Parade!



The Reds Team Shop at GABP is ready to sell you some pretty cool Reds Postseason gear.  Personally, I think this year’s version of the Postseason cap is the best.  I got one for myself…



The newest episode of Reds On Deck is out!  This one features Bronson Arroyo, Darius Rucker and a game of pool with Billy Hamilton, Curtis Partch and Mat Latos.

Check it out…


That’s all for now. I’ll have lineups and more in a bit. Stay tuned and thanks for logging on!!

Expect good news!


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