Happy Birthday, @Jamieblog!

So much of your life is spent at work, therefore it’s important to enjoy what you do and who you do it with.  The people you work with are such a vital part of experience, and if you are fortunate, they become like family.

I am one of the lucky ones.  I’ve found a friend, supporter, partner in crime and a brother, all rolled into one.  And it started with a blog.

Jamie has transformed a simple blog into a dedicated, tight-knit Reds community.  Through Better Off Red, he’s brought strangers from across the country (heck, even the world) together through baseball.  Friendship, encouragement, support, recognition, humor and fun…it’s all part of the Better Off Red family. @Jamieblog has truly put his heart and soul into this blog, which in turn has produced great rewards for so many.

Thank you, Jamie.  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Expect good news and go Reds!



Happy Birthday, Jamie – thanks for all you do!🙂

Happy belated birthday Jamie. And Lisa, thanks for posting this and for all the photos. Ditto what you said about the blog – he does a great job with it and this reader for one appreciates it!

Happy Birthday Jamie, I love your blogs. Keep them coming.

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Happy Birthday Jamie!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jamie you are a clone of your dad and that’s not a bad thing. I wish you many,many more

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