Over the weekend in Cincinnati, the Bunbury Music Festival rocked the banks of the Ohio River.  Nearly 80 bands took to 6 separate stages over 3 days to entertain music-goers from around the world.  The headlining bands included “Fun“, “MGMT” and “The National.”  There were also several bands from all across Reds country.

I attended Bunbury on Friday and Saturday to soak in both the sun and the music.  I also made sure I had my ipad handy so I could watch the Reds/Braves games (multi-tasking).

It didn’t take long before I noticed a whole bunch of music fans at the festival wearing Reds gear, including local musician Tim Carr, who was performing Bunbury with a tattoo of Mr. Redlegs on his forearm!

In order to highlight the Reds flavor at Bunbury, I tried to snap as many photos as I could of people wearing Reds stuff to post here on BOR.  Many of the people in the photos didn’t know they were getting their picture taken….so, since this is the internet, I have replaced their faces with cats.



Jamie, you are hysterical! I love how you always keep us in the loop on the goings-on but these pics may have been my favorites! Yes, I’m a cat lover and a Reds lover. Thanks for all you do for us.

1) Now I get the Bunbury joke you were making last week.
2) Lots of people in the Cincy area have feline-type faces.
3) I have actually gotten stopped at the NJ hot air balloon festival by people asking why I am wearing a Reds hat, but as far as I know, I have never been pictured in a blog for it!
This looks great – hope it was as much fun as it looked.

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