I have no doubt that Dusty is listening to When I’m Sixty-Four by the Beatles today on his birthday.

Cincinnati Reds v Washington Nationals

Dusty ranks fourth on the Reds’ all-time managerial wins list with 460 (Jack Hendricks 3rd with 469) and ranks 16th in Major League Baseball history with 1,622 (Jim Leyland 15th with 1,712)…9 of the 15 managers ahead of him are in the Hall of Fame.


There’s a dress code to follow when big leaguers travel on road trips; most of the time players and staff have to wear a suit and tie.  When I traveled with the team last month, Reds pitcher Mike Leake wore a very heavily-patterned suit (think Nucky Thompson from the TV show Boardwalk Empire).

Well, Dusty took a liking to it and informed Leake that it reminded him of a suit that he used to wear in the 70s when he played for the Dodgers.  Dusty asked me if I could possibly find a photo of him in the suit he described so he could show Leake.

Sure enough, after just a couple of clicks, I found the photo.  Take a look at this awesome pic of the Dodgers in LA prior to the 1977 World Series (Dusty is on the far right)….


Happy birthday, Dusty!

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Groovy picture…Happy Birthday, Dusty!

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