Reds staffers are celebrating today as we received some very good news from Laurie Herrell, the wife of Chris Herrell

“So many wonderful things have happened this morning. We received amazing news! Chris is 99% engrafted with his donor’s marrow! This means that 99% of the blood that is circulating in his body is his donor’s.  His bone marrow transplant has worked!”

This is amazing news and I know so many of you in Reds Country, who’ve been following Chris’ story, are just as thrilled as we are.

Oh but that’s not all!  Laurie also reports that two people who attended the marrow drives this past February have been called as potential life saving matches for people in need of marrow transplants.  Isn’t that great!?  What a wonderful world we live in.

We love you Chris and we are so happy for you!  Hurry up, get back to 100% and get back to the ballpark!


My main man Zach Weber captured this fascinating video of Joey Votto playing “paddle-ball” with his bat and a baseball…


People around the world are getting Mat Latos Bobblehead fever!  It’s an epidemic!


Tomorrow is the big day – the Reds are giving away a Latos bobble to the first 30,000 fans through the gates to see the Reds take on the Rockies at 7:10pm.  Be sure you’re here to get yours!    CLICK HERE for tickets!


I’ll have more in a bit…

Expect good news!



That’s awesome news about Chris. Thanks for spreading the good word.

Fantastic!! Love to hear stuff like this.

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