What’s Your Reds Lifestyle Winner!

We have a winner for the “What’s Your Reds Lifestyle” contest!

Before I announce the winner I would like to thank everyone that sent in their submissions. There were some heart felt stories, along with some funny, crazy stories. There were a lot of great photos of dedication and commitment to the Reds. I knew Reds fans were serious, but you guys are on a whole ‘nother level. I loved reading all of your stories and once again, thank you for submitting.

Now, on to the winner! Drum roll please…

Rachel Lutchin of Cincinnati, Ohio sent in a very funny submission. She actually used to broadcast her own Reds Radio Network. She sent in an actual recording of herself delivering the Reds News when she was little, just like Marty and the Cowboy would do. Here is her description of the broadcast:

“I am lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan, thanks to my father. He is also a Reds fan, so were his parents. An earliest memory of my childhood is watching the Reds games with my father on TV. He would explain the rules of the game to me.  When I was kid, I would pretend that I was a sports reporter. I recorded my voice, giving the Reds news on my Fisher-Price tape recorder. I still have the tape I used to record it. I attached a sound clip of me giving the Reds news when I was a kid.”

And for the actual recording, here ya go:

That was a very funny audio clip. The youngest Reds fans are sometimes the most committed. Congratulations to Rachel. She is the winner of a Ryan Hanigan signed baseball!

Thank You to everyone, and like I said before, Reds fans really are the best fans in the world.

Go Reds!


Here are few pictures of some other submissions:

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