Reds Baseball. What does it mean?

What a great Saturday…Another win at Wrigley and a second Better Off Red blog entry from Liz Romes (@RedsTixLiz)!  Happy weekend.  – Lisa

Hi my name is Liz Romes and I am a Client Service Representative for the Reds. I am born and bred Cincy, through and through. I love my Reds, Muskies, and Bungels. I absolutely love Skyline, and do not trust anyone who does not like it. I will argue anyone in the world that Graeter’s Ice Cream is the best ice cream on the planet. With that being said, when I was asked to guest write for this world prestigious blog, I was first honored but then I found myself dumbfounded at what to say or write. (And for anyone that knows me, they know that this does not happen too often). So, I thought about it for a while…

Reds baseball. What does it mean? Why are we so attached?

For some of you out there, Reds Baseball probably means summer is here and the boys are back on the field. It’s time to look at stats and standings, and compete with the Cards again to see who will come out on top in the Central. It means guessing how many walk-off home runs the Reds will have this year?  Or how many toothpicks Dusty goes through during the season? (really though, how many?) And, of course, how far will we go in the playoffs?

But I feel like for me and for many people, it’s not always what happens on the field that makes us attached. Sure, we get attached to a specific team or love watching a specific player. However, it’s about the experiences at the ballpark, or growing up in this baseball town that makes Reds baseball a part of us.

So again, what does Reds baseball mean?

Summertime. I grew up in the small town of St. Bernard on Rose Hill Avenue. This street was one for the books. It was like straight out of the movie The Sandlot during the summer (except let’s add a few girls into the story). We would play whiffle ball and capture-the-flag all day, and at night we would catch lightening bugs and play hide and go seek all to the background sounds of Marty and Joe. There were two die hard Reds fans that lived next door to me growing up, Bonnie and Lynn. Every night they would get their cooler of Budweiser ready and listen to the game. They would scream and cheer while listening to those beloved radio voices. (These women had sets of lungs). And because we were so close to downtown, we would sometimes hear the fireworks after a home run. This is Reds baseball.

I was never fortunate enough to go to every Opening Day growing up. I had only been to one when I started working here. However, the Opening Day I was able to attend was the one I will never forget. I was about 7 years old and I was “sick” that day for school. We listened to “Centerfield” on an A-track player while getting ready to go downtown. The excitement in me was amazing. I couldn’t tell you who the Reds played that day or if we even won, but I cannot describe in words how incredible it was to be there holding my dad’s hand while walking into Riverfront Stadium. I will never forget at the same game, my dad’s friend (who is sometimes mistaken as Ron Woods from the Stones) “procured” a bag of cotton candy for me. We were sitting up in the “red” and the vendor holding the cotton candy tray over his head happened to be standing right in front of us. So “Ron Woods” simply just lifted one right out and handed it to me. This is Reds baseball.

In recent years, buying my dad a beer at a game when I finally turned 21 is one of the coolest memories. And, of course, I am going to add the two clinch nights in 2010 and 2012. Not just because of what happened on the field, but celebration and the togetherness of the fans. It was awesome to see how proud this city was of our Reds.

Looking at the big picture, we really do have an awesome city and a team that we are all loyal to. Reds baseball is something that is passed down through generations in Cincinnati. It is in our blood. It doesn’t matter what always happens on the field, because I believe it’s the experiences that we have with our family at the ballpark, or watching the games with friends… that makes us truly attached.

So… Reds baseball, what does it mean to you?

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Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read!

Go Redlegs!



Liz–I loved your blog post. I live in St. Bernard now, but I grew up on Sunnybrook Drive in Roselawn. My dad took me to my first World Series game at Riverfront Stadium when the Big Red Machine played and we had standing room only seats. I also remember going to the ballgame at Riverfront with my late husband and sitting in the blue seats. It was hot, so one of the fans brought a little battery-operated fan. It was the first time I’d ever seen one of those–now they’re all over the place.
Go Reds!

Thanks Ms Liz! You are right on the money, not only is it Reds baseball, it is the the great memories of the Reds intertwined within our lives. My earliest memory is of the time when I was about six years old, my Dad and Grandpa took me to Crosley field. It had to be in 1960. Thanks for the memories….Go Reds!

You forgot competing with the Cubs🙂 I love the summer because it means baseball time. The sights and smells of the park. Can’t out do it. Even if it is the Reds. Someday I’ll get to Wrigley!

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