Baseball Lessons From Dad

We close out the work week of stellar intern guest bloggers with Ellen Remley, another important part of our social media team. We’ll continue with guest bloggers this weekend, leading up to the return of the one and only, Jamie Ramsey.   Now here’s Ellen…   – Lisa


When I was maybe five or six, my family was driving to Reds game, and my dad (being my dad) was doing his best to get my older sister and me psyched up for the game.

Granted, it doesn’t take much to get two kids under the age of ten excited to go to a baseball game, but that’s not the point.

He was asking questions about baseball trivia and doing his best Marty Brennaman impression and spouting off quotes from former Reds players. (“Okay girls, who said, “Bench me or trade me!”?”) The closer we got to the ballpark, the more delirious we got with excitement, and the more he egged us on.

Finally, when we were just a few blocks away from Riverfront Stadium, my dad started calling out the names of the players as if he were announcing the starting lineup.

“And at shortstop, number eleven, BAAAAARRRRRYYYYYYYY–”

“MANILOW!” I yelled from the backseat.


This is one of those stories that my dad trots out regularly at family functions or late nights after work or whenever the mood strikes. And ever since I came to work for the Reds, it’s made more appearances than normal. We’ve rehashed this story so many times in my life, that I’m not sure if I actually remember it happening or if I’ve concocted a memory based on the anecdote that my dad has told so me so often.

In fact, there are a lot of Reds-related stories and incidents and trivia in my memory that I’m not sure if I actually remember or if my dad has inception-ed them into my brain. But that’s one of the best things about having grown up with a team that has a legacy like the Cincinnati Reds; there is always something new to learn or to teach or to celebrate.

And every Reds fan has a story to tell.

I know I have dozens; I could tell you about the stack of Reds hats we keep in the living for emergency rally-capping, or about the fact that we have two Reds flags flying outside of our house LITERALLY as I type this. I could tell you about the time I attended batting practice (and barely kept my inner-fangirl under control), or even about the time Ramon Hernandez gave me a baseball. And if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already heard about the #MagicRallyShoe.

But I want to hear YOUR best Reds story. Or maybe your favorite bit of trivia; I’m always looking for something to stump my dad.

Feel free to send me your responses over at the Reds official Tumblr account, .


– Ellen

(And for those of you who NEEDED to know [and I know you’re out there], Chico Ruiz wanted to be benched or traded.)

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