Choo’s The Boss

This week on Better Off Red we are giving you the opportunity to meet some of the great interns at the Reds.  We are truly a team on and off the field, and interns are such an important part of what we do. Yesterday Justin Marshall gave us a look at his Reds lifestyle. If you haven’t checked out his post yet, make sure you do so you can enter his contest to win a Ryan Hanigan autographed baseball.

Today we hand the baton to Zach Weber in our Media Relations.  Rob Butcher, our Media Relations Director, and his department are a big part of our social media efforts to bring Reds fans interesting content via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.   If you aren’t following us on at least a few of those platforms, you just may be missing the opportunity to see the Reds in a whole new way.   – Lisa


Having the opportunity to become a guest contributor for Better Off Red, even if only for a day, I jumped at the opportunity. Well, jumped is a bit much; I merely sent an email stating that I would love to write a post, but hey, jumped works.

It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to write for the site. I had a few good ideas, but nothing really concrete. I could go with a story about my first season with the Reds or perhaps something about the differences between working in minors for the last two years and working in “the show.” In the end I ultimately decided to share with you my pregame experiences.

One of the many benefits of working for the Reds, especially in the media relations department, is the opportunity to experience batting practice. Batting practice is more than just a time when players hit deep fly balls on 50-60mph pitches, or when pitchers shag fly balls in the outfield. It’s a time when players let their guard down just a bit. It becomes a valuable opportunity for writers and members of the media to interact with players, get quotes, interview players, amongst other things. It’s perhaps one of the best times for members of the media to view the entire team from the stars, to recently recalled players for the minors.

On top of all of that, it is a time when guests can come to the ballpark and experience the team firsthand. Sometimes, when a band or a celebrity is in town, they are invited to stop by and take in the action first hand. For example, one of Dusty Baker’s favorite bands, Rebelution stopped by last home stand. (See photos below)

In addition to taking in the action on the diamond, I have spent many a night walking around and experiencing all of the pregame festivities around Great American Ball Park. Having spent four years working in baseball, I am quite blown away with what Great American Ball Park has to offer before even the first pitch is thrown.

As a Real Time Coordinator for & their Cut4 program, I am asked to send in pictures of fans and the ballpark, as well as of players. I am told essentially attempt to capture the mood of the ballpark. The beautiful thing about this role is that it lets me get creative. After you take a few shots of kids running the bases and fans eagerly awaiting autographs, you start to lust for more original photographs.  I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I have a fancy camera that I don’t know how to use and I try my best Ansel Adams impression. Please judge for yourself. I hope you enjoy them.

Well without further ado, I give you my pregame photos from just the tip of the season.  It may be early, but the Reds & their fans have already provided plenty of “Kodak Moments,” though the expression “Iphone Moments” is probably more reflective of the times.  (No one said I was funny).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One last thing before I go. In my spare time around the office and at home I have been trying to come up with as many Shin-Soo Choo related puns as possible. A single photo that would display our centerfielders awesomeness in a picture. Here is my latest creation.  As I work on my next meme, I am always looking for ideas. Feel free to tweet me your ideas @ZachMWeber. Thanks!


Big League Shoo Choose You ChoosTheBoss


the Big Red Machine is a Soo Choo Train

Choo Let the Dogs Out.

PikaCHOO, I CHOOse you!

Choooooo… Show Me The Way

Do the Choo! *On a Mountain CHOO can*

Although its not “Choo” I am a big fan of Shin-Soo-Nati


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