What’s Your Reds Lifestyle? And Contest!

Greetings, Better Off Red readers. My name is Justin Marshall. I am the Social Media Intern here for the Cincinnati Reds. I may not have had the time on this earth that most other Reds fans have had, being only 24, however, that is no excuse for me to not adopt the Cincinnati Reds in every aspect of my life. The Cincinnati Reds are a lifestyle for me, and I am sure many others of you out there. Let me tell you why.

I’d like to think that I was put on this earth to talk about the Reds. I am from Cincinnati (that’s enough proof right there, right?) so I was fortunate enough to be a Reds fan by association. I think anyone from Cincinnati is automatically a Reds fan. Which is fine with me. Growing up, I of course played baseball. We modeled, with strong…STRONG input from me, our uniforms after the Cincinnati Reds. I wore that thing everywhere. Dinner, Reds games, family outings, fishing, and yes even to school picture days. As seen below.

Photo day meant it was time to wear the uniform to school.

My favorite players growing up were Barry Larkin whose position I played, and whose number I would have worn if it weren’t for that darn Dustin Wanager who picked his number first (yes, I am still bitter), and Johnny Bench whose number “5” I eventually ended up wearing for the rest of my baseball career.

As a child I always thought that listening to Reds games on 700 WLW was what everyone did. I was actually kind of freaked out one day when I spent the night at a friend’s house and they didn’t have the game on the radio. I had a mini panic attack and even wanted my mom to come pick me up, or at least let me sit in her car for three hours while I listened to Marty and Joe call the game. The moment the “And this one belongs to the Reds” line came pouring out of Marty’s mouth (and yes, I choose not to remember the games that resulted in losses) I was ok to go back to playing Cowboys and Indians, or in my case Cubs vs. Reds, with my friends.

I’ve owned tons of Reds hats in my lifetime. Red, black, white, pinstriped, you name it. Dirty, sweaty hats that have gone through way too much in their lifetime. Some of which I’ve had for far too long. I’ve picked many, many hats out of multiple garbage cans before when my girlfriend tries to throw them away. This is a no-no for me. Store them in the basement but do not throw them away. Rules to live by here guys!

The beginning of summer doesn’t start until Johnny Cueto, Aarong Haarang, Jose Rijo, or Tom Browning throw out that first pitch and don’t even try to convince me otherwise all of you meteorologists out there! Also, summer lasts 162 days. On the days there aren’t Reds games, it isn’t summer. Not only are there off days for the Reds, there are off days for summer, and they just so happen to fall on the same day. The Reds are one of the only topics that almost anyone can enjoy. You may not like baseball, but the Reds in general are something that warrants a moment of your time.

I get a high off of going to Reds games. The sights, sounds, smells (both good and bad) of a ballpark sends me through a pure blissful experience I can’t even begin to explain. As the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World would say. “I don’t always go to Reds games, but when I do, I like to sit as high up as possible.” So, he may not say that but I do enjoy watching the Reds games from a bird’s eye view and even, yes, keep score. Call me nerdy, call me obsessed, but just don’t talk to me during a Reds game, you may get a ball point pen to the face. One of my favorite scoreboard signs was from the Riverfront Stadium days when they used to play that “Walks Will Haunt” video. I love it so much that I have in fact started the process of buying this shirt. You should too.

Walks Will Haunt Shirt

I always dreamed of playing for the Reds. I played baseball in college but when I go back and think about it, if I were to ever make it to the pros I wouldn’t be able to watch the Reds on tv or listen to them on the radio anymore…and that would make me sad.

I like to think that being an intern for the Reds is one of the best things that could ever happen to me. I mean, Great American Ball Park looms right outside my door and I have the advantage of being able to work here and wander around the stadium. Something most people would dream of. Still to this day I watch as many Reds games as humanly possible. And of course I will listen to the broadcast on the radio if I am not around a television. A lot of people think the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. I disagree, I think Reds season is the most wonderful time of the year.

This brings me to my long-winded question. What is your Reds lifestyle? It could be anything from the moment you became a Reds fan, a tradition you participate in, a lucky piece of Reds gear, superstitions, memories as a child, or really ANYTHING that proves that the Reds are a lifestyle for you. Give me funny, cute, original, sad, joyful, examples. Make them as long (like mine) or as short stories as you’d like. Pictures, videos, songs, poems, haikus, ditties, are greatly encouraged. I’ve shared a small amount about me and why I choose the Reds as a personal lifestyle. Now is your turn to share. Let me have em.

To enter, Email me at jmarshall@reds.com or tweet me at @jmarsh5 with your stories. We’ll pick the best submission and the winner will receive a Ryan Hanigan signed baseball. Have your entries in by Sunday May 5th at noon ET to be eligible to win.

Reds fans really are the best fans in baseball and it is because of the dedication of you guys to this team that makes it possible. Keep up the good work and Go Reds!



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I sent in my Reds lifestyle–long-winded but I hope you like it.

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