There’s a Reds fan in the MLB Fan Cave

While our friend Jamie is taking some well-deserved time off, we’ve asked a few really cool guest bloggers to join us on Better Off Red this week.  First up, meet Ben.

MLB Fan Cave

Hi Reds fans!

My name is Ben Wietmarschen and I’m one of the nine official MLB Fan Cave Dwellers this year. If you don’t know what the Fan Cave is here’s some info:

-The Cave is located in Greenwich Village in New York City.

-9 people are chosen at the beginning of the season to watch EVERY baseball game (from first pitch to last out) every day, no breaks, and each of us have a particular team that is our favorite.

-While we’re here we are basically professional baseball fans. We make funny/entertaining videos about baseball, we write blog posts about interesting baseball stuff, and we’re on twitter/instagram/vine/etc. constantly talking about and enjoying baseball and interacting with anyone who’s watching the games.
-In addition to being a place where we watch baseball all the time, the Fan Cave is also a very cool event space that hosts concerts and parties and player visits and pretty much anything that the MLB does in NYC that is cool and hip and happenin’.

I specifically am the resident Reds fan in the Fan Cave. If you don’t know anything about me, here’s some info you might find interesting:

-I grew up in North College Hill (son of Mark and Rita Wietmarschen, brother to Andy and Elizabeth) and went to St. Margaret Mary Elementary school, St. Xavier High School, and Kent State University where I ran Track and Cross Country.

-I’ve lived in New York for the last five years trying to be a professional sketch comedian but also working day jobs on various food trucks in Manhattan to “pay the bills”.

-My Skyline chili order is: 4-way beans and 1 cheese coney, no onions, with mustard.

The MLB Fan Cave is actually a really cool thing if you are a big baseball fan but also enjoy things like music, art, comedy, and drinking ice cold beer all the time. You can check out stuff that we do at or follow the @mlbfancave twitter or my twitter which is @benwietmarschen. The Fan Cave is basically just a great thing to be aware of if you like watching baseball as part of a community of fun, interesting people. And if you ever find yourself in New York and wanna stop by let me know and you can come check it out.

That’s just a little about who I am and what the Fan Cave is and why I’m writing this blog post. What I really wanna talk about is how excited I am about this Redlegs team that we got on our hands. They’re really great and I think this could be a very special season for all of us.

It’s been a full 23 years since a Cincinnati team of any kind won a championship. It’s been 18 years since the Reds won a postseason series. There are ADULTS, college graduates, people that are married and own houses, that WEREN’T BORN YET when Todd Benzinger caught the last out of the 1990 World Series and everyone went crazy in the Queen City. That’s nuts. It’s also way too long of a time for a city as great as Cincinnati to go without a Championship team. And hey guys FYI: THIS COULD BE THE YEAR WE GET TO DO THAT AGAIN! I don’t wanna count our chickens, but man is it fun to think about.

For all the crazy negative stuff that gets thrown around on twitter and on certain radio shows, I think it’s important that we all recognize how likeable and good at baseball this Reds team is. Here’s some quick thoughts I have off the top of my head on a few of the Reds:

Choo: Has there ever been a more effective offseason acquisition? The lineup’s most glaring hole got filled big time, thank you Reds management.

Cozart: Fantastic set of teeth on this guy.

Votto: Professional baseball robot.

Phillips: Gets it.

Bruce: The clinching walk-off from 2010 is one of the happiest moments of my sports watching life.

Frazier: Gets it.

Cueto: Baller.

Latos: Gonna be an ace for a long time. Also, he should start wearing glasses like Sheen in ‘Major League’. They would add so much to his persona. Just a thought I had.

Arroyo: Junk ball master. I love junk, and Arroyo’s always chucking junk.

The Bullpen: Once everyone is healthy, this is gonna be the best pitching staff in baseball, hands down. Also, someone needs to make an updated Nasty Boys t-shirt and I wanna buy one for everyone in my family.

Dusty Baker: I know we all get frustrated at times with lineup or pitching decisions, but at the end of the day, Dusty manages championship teams, plain and simple, and it’s not a coincidence that the Reds started winning division championships once he got here.

Here are a few more general thoughts I have on the Reds:

-I think its time to eliminate the black from the uniform color scheme. There was a time in the late 90’s when it was a cool thing for baseball teams to add black for no reason at all, but that time has passed. I’d even like to get rid of the black drop shadow behind the ‘C’ on the hats. Let’s simplify, red and white (and gray for road games). It looks cooler.

-The Reds have one of the best twitter communities of all baseball teams. Since being in the Fan Cave, I’ve gotten experience with a lot of different teams’ fan bases through twitter, and the Reds is near the top every time. Every team has a faction of negativity, that’s inevitable, but if you’re ever looking to talk Reds baseball with a group of fun passionate people, hop on twitter and search #Reds. Also, a lot of fun photoshop pictures and new catchphrases are being tweeted every game.

-A quick thought about the negativity. I’m sick of people instigating negativity and then bashing it when it comes out (I’m thinking mainly of certain people in the press who I won’t name but it’s really annoying for someone of high sports press stature to tweet a sarcastic negative thing about how the Reds aren’t hitting or something, and then to almost immediately call out Cincinnati fans for being too negative. It’s a pet peeve of mine). All cities have negative fans, Cincinnati is not worse than any other city that has a sports team.

-That’s not to say Cincinnati sports press is bad, there are so many great people who write about and talk about the Reds. In particular I think Mo Egger, Joel Luckhaupt, and Chad Dotson and his crew at are very worthwhile reads/listens when it comes to Reds chatter.

-Man, I don’t like the St. Louis Cardinals and I can’t understand how anyone could.

That’s all I have for this blog post. If you have any questions about the Fan Cave, is a good website to find answers to anything, Fan Cave or otherwise. Or you can reach me on twitter. I’ll urge you one more time to follow what the Fan Cave is doing by visiting because I really think Baseball is figuring out fun new ways to enjoy the game and it’s exciting. Also, I have blog posts and video sketches up on the web site that you can enjoy or not. Whatever you do, please get pumped for the Reds baseball team this year, I know I am, because it’s gonna be a special season.

Yours in the Cave,



A big, emphatic “Yes!” on getting rid of the black drop shadow behind the “C” on the hats. I hate the drop shadow with a passion.

Hey Ben….My name is Amanda Brennamam, nice post. If you were serious about popping in to the fan cave I would love to take you up on the offer. The Reds are in town in May, as im sure you know and maybe Marty and I could stoo in if the schedule works. Thanks. We can take this conversation off line if it works out.

What about Hanigan!?

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