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Just a few reminders before we get started,

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  2. Due to the popularity (and 9-run win) of the Scorekeeping session we had on Wednesday, we will keep score once a homestand.  But with that being said, since this upcoming road trip is a long one, we’ll do it again when the Reds are in St. Louis on Monday the 29th.  Cool?  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, CLICK HERE.
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  4. Today is National Jelly Bean Day.  Eat up!


Ok now that that’s out of the way…

I want to share with you folks a little story about how this most recent “Bark in the Park” was perhaps the most important one yet…

A friend of mine recently lost her husband to cancer.  She and her husband would regularly attend Reds games, as both were wild about the team.  On Tuesday, my friend attended her first Reds game since the passing of her husband.  She chose Tuesday because it was Bark in the Park  night at GABP and she could bring her best pal – “Indy.”

My friend, whose name I’m protecting, emailed me after the game to tell me how it went.  She said she was lonely but was thankful to have Indy there to help ease her despair.   She concluded the email by saying she hopes the Reds never end the Bark in the Park nights.

Since I’m at the ballpark everyday for every game, I sometimes become oblivious to how the game and the ballpark experience affects those in attendance.  My friend’s story was a poignant reminder.

To many, a rainy night at the park with a playful “bring your dog” promotion was just that.  However, to some – or perhaps just one – it meant a whole lot more.

I also hope the Reds continue the Bark in the Park promotion.

Here’s Indy…



Some of you have asked for some updates regarding Reds staffer Chris Herrell

Chris was scheduled to have his bone marrow transplant today.  However, according to his wife Laurie, an airline staff strike is currently preventing the donor’s marrow to reach the States.  Laurie writes that Chris’s cells have been purposely destroyed by his recent chemotherapy sessions to prepare for the transplant, and due to that, he needs the transplant ASAP.

The Herrells are currently working on finding another flight to get the marrow delivered.

Please continue your good thoughts, prayers and positive vibes for Chris.

Latos Team Herrell 2

Mat Latos wears his “Team Herrell” bracelet


Ok, now (or meow) let’s conclude this blog post with something a lot more lighthearted…

Recently, Mr. and Mrs. Latos were kind enough to give me a really cool shirt…but on one condition – I had to provide a photo of myself wearing it.

Well, without further ado, here’s me and Scout….


As you can see, Scout was not amused. I was, though and I hope you are, too!

More stuff in a bit.

Expect good news


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Great story about your friend but since there’s a “Bark in the Park” and a photo of your new shirt and Scout the cat, it’s only fiar for the Reds to have “Take Meowt to the Ballgame” so owners can bring their cats!

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