With the conclusion of the Louisville Cardinals’ National Championship run in the NCAA Tournament, so too came the end of the first ever Reds.Com Back-A-Bracket Sweepstakes.

Eight people from the Reds organization (Todd Frazier, Mat Latos, J.J. Hoover, Zack Cozart, Billy Hatcher, Billy Hamilton, Tom Browning and yours truly) each filled out a 2013 NCAA basketball bracket for the sweepstakes challenge.  The brackets were posted and the fans were asked to choose a bracket that had the best chance of “winning.”  The winning fan would receive 4 infield box seats to a future Reds game with the opportunity to see the Reds take batting practice from the field.

When it was all said and done, Tom Browning edged me out by a measly 2 points to finish in first place.

Of the gazillions upon gazillions of people who chose Browning’s bracket, one was selected as the random winner of the sweepstakes – Troy Anderson of Scottsville, KY.  Troy chose Browning’s bracket simply because he’s a big fan of his.  Well, it paid off.

On Friday, I asked for a phone interview with Troy with the idea that we’d talk about his being selected as the sweepstakes winner.  He didn’t know I was going to have Tom Browning on the other end of the line.  It was a great surprise for Troy, and to top it all off, it was his birthday!

Click on the file below to listen to the phone call…


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