For you long-time readers of Better Off Red, you might remember some of the photo features that used to grace the pages of this blog; “Reds State Challenge,” “Reds Cap Club,” and the “Joey Votto Sports Illustrated pose contest.”

Well, over the years, for one reason or another, I kinda gotten away from the fan photo participation….and I miss it.

So let’s get back to our roots, shall we?

With all of the new toys we have with which to take photos, I’ve become kind of addicted to all the cool photo apps that I can use to spruce up BOR as well as my own personal social media pages/accounts.

With all of this new stuff, I find it hilarious (and very telling) when people insist on taking and posting photos of themselves.  You know what I’m talking about – “the self-glamour shots.”  Barf.

Lately, I’ve been kind of mocking the “self-glamour shot” by tweeting my most hideous self-portraits, usually wearing the ugliest and/or most ridiculous face that I can conjure up (even more so than my actual normal face).

But how fun would it be if we made this a Reds thing, specifically a Better Off Red thing?  What if I asked you to send me a photo of yourself, with some sort of Reds gear/poster/cap/etc, putting on the most ridiculous/hilarious/ugly/hideous/funny face you can?  Would you do it?  Would you do it knowing that I’d post it on the blog?

Well, let’s find out….

Email me (jramsey@reds.com) or Tweet me (@Jamieblog) your “BOR Face.”  Wear something “Reds” and make the “best” face you can.  Obviously, the funnier the better.  If you tweet it, use the hashtag #BORFace.

By sending me your photo, you agree to have it posted here on Better Off Red.  Occasionally, a random “BOR Facer” will be sent a Better Off Red t-shirt.

Let your guard down and have some fun!  I’ll get us started…



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