A big “THANKS” to all of you who participated in the “Shin-Soo Haiku” contest!  There were so many great haikus that our panel of judges had a hard time picking just one…but we did.

Congratulations to @thecirons, who’s haiku below was selected as the lucky winner.  “Charley Fe’s” will get a brand new Reds batting practice cap in the color and size of his choosing.

Nice work, everybody!


As many of you know, the long-time mascot of Better Off Red is the “one” and only Burt BobbleRed.  Well, I promised Burt in the offseason a new Reds throwback uniform.  The thing is, he’s having a hard time choosing between all of the cool unis that the Reds have worn throughout the years, so he’s decided to leave his choice up to you!

In the comments section below, leave your suggestion on which era of uniform Burt should wear this year.  I’ll take the 4 most popular suggestions and we’ll put it to a poll vote next week here on BOR.  Burt will ultimately wear the uniform that gets the most votes.

Below are photos of Burt wearing the current home and road Reds uniforms.  And also, HERE is a link to the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Reds Uniforms Through the Years” for reference…




The list of the five albums that I’m currently listening to is now updated on the sidebar of this page. Check it out, and listen to a track from each album (also available on the sidebar of this page).


For the first time since March 4, I’m not around the team.  I’m having withdrawals!

More stuff in a bit…

Expect good news




How about those beautiful 1947 uni’s with the navy blue accent!

I am sure it won’t be popular enough to make the top 4, but I vote for 1960. I love the current uniforms, but I also love the old pinstripe look from that era.
And congrats to the haiku winner!

1950’s is my suggestion! The socks are cool!

1962 Home uniform!

1936 Home Alternate with the red pants

Liked the winning Haiku–tried to write one myelf, but it wasn’t so hot.

The 1950’s era….specifically the 1956 road uniform.

1956 Reds Uniform

1961 uniform

Go with the 1947 style unis.


Gotta be the 1955 Home uniform. The first uniform to have Mr. Red (left sleeve)

Does no one comment anymore?!?
I vote 1908 home uniform, for a twist.
Enjoy the new digs, Burt…GO REDLEGS!


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