Mat Latos Bobblehead Night presented by Toyota, is scheduled for Wednesday, June 5 at Great American Ball Park.  The first 30,000 fans through the gates that night to see the Reds take on the Rockies at 7:10pm, will receive one of the most unique bobbleheads the Reds have ever promoted.

But what makes it so unique?  Reds Vice President of Communications and Marketing Ralph Mitchell explains:

“We are always working toward making our bobbles unique and authentic; paying close attention to every last detail.  That includes how each player wears his uniform, what type of glove or bat they use, the pose they are in, etc.

In Mat’s case it was important to the Reds and to Mat that the bobble include his tattoos.  There were, however, some slight challenges. The 30,000 dolls are hand-painted on an assembly line – by people who, in most cases, are not artists.  The artist is sculpting the initial mold but not necessarily painting each doll in mass-production.

We looked into stickers for the tattoos, but ultimately decided the best solution was to have the sculptor ‘etch’ the tattoos very subtly into the clay mold to make painting in mass-production easier.”

Interesting stuff, huh?  Think about that for a second – EACH of the 30,000 bobbleheads had to be hand painted!

Here’s hoping you take advantage of this exclusive Reds promotion and come down to the ballpark on June 5 to get your very own Mat Latos bobblehead.




Interesting! And I really wish that they would sell these online after the games, for those of us that can’t make it. The Reds do some great bobbleheads.

That’s a good representation of Latos!

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