Today marked the last time in 2013 that I’d drive from my Spring home in Glendale to the Reds Player Development Complex in Goodyear.  It’s time to get back to the Queen City.

The clubhouse here is cleaned out; bare bones.  Our traveling secretary is collecting our rental car keys.  Suitcases are lined up out in the parking lot, ready to be loaded onto the equipment truck.  The buses will be here shortly to pick us up and take us to Chase Field for this afternoon’s game against the Diamondbacks.

Following today’s game, we will depart for the airport and then to Cincinnati.

It’s only after we land that I start getting antsy for Opening Day.  We are 1,600 miles from Cincinnati, and in our own little world out here. We aren’t exposed to Opening Day fever like I’m sure you folks are back home.  The players and staff in Goodyear are deprived of that awesome buzz that’s currently humming through the air in the Tri-State area.  But once we land and get on the bus for GABP, that’s when it hits us…all of us.  And I cannot wait.


Speaking of back home, here are some photos of what’s going on at 100 Joe Nuxhall Way….

The newly renovated Reds Team Shop by Majestic opens today from 10am to 5pm; same hours for tomorrow, too.  On Opening Day the store is open from 10am until 1 hour after the game ends.  On gamedays, the team shop is open from 10am until 1 hour after the game ends.  And on non-gamedays, store hours are 10am to 5pm Monday thru Sunday.


Some of you have asked whether the Reds will be doing the “Strikeouts for Scoops and Slices” this year.  The answer is yes, however, it’s only for the “slices.”

This season we are calling the popular promotion “Strikeouts for LaRosa’s.”  Every time Reds pitchers collectively strikeout 11 or more batters at Great American Ball Park, all fans in attendance can use their ticket stub to get a free small 4-topping pizza at LaRosa’s, beginning the day AFTER the game.


You’ve gotta see this collection of outtakes from the Reds productions team…absolutely hilarious


Ok, well…you folks ready to do this?

Expect good news


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