Howdy partners!

I met up with some friends last night at a place called Saddle Ranch and got roped in to a mechanical bull riding contest.

I’ve never ridden a mechanical bull before.  And until last night, my lasting memory of such a thing involved witnessing my colleague and dear friend Larry Herms writhing on the ground with vertebrae fractures after he got thrown from one.

The beautiful ladies who work at the Ranch signed up 5 people, including yours truly, to participate in the contest.  One of the participants went by the name “Slick Nasty” but his friends called him “Mitch.”  The other participants were ladies who were mechanical bull pros.  I thought I had no shot against Slick and the ladies.  But something strange happened…I won!

Now I’d feel guilty if I didn’t admit that the ladies that organized the contest and operated the electric death machine were very sympathetic to my rookie status.  Let’s just be honest here – they let me win.  And for that, I promised that I’d put them on Better Off Red.

Here are some photos…





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Congrats! I remember the steaks being pretty good here too. Not just some watering hole as Marty and Jim talked about yesterday during the game.

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