It’s always nice to walk into the office and immediately read good news.  That’s what happened today when I read the following tweet from Chris Herrell…

Hard to properly put into words how great this news is.  I’m so happy for Chris and his family and all of his friends who’ve helped out along the way.  I’m also very proud of the person who’s donating marrow to help save Chris’ life.

Keep rooting for Chris, as he’s still got a challenging road ahead.

And as always, “expect good news!”



Chris followed up with this tweet:



wonderful news indeed!

That’s wonderful news. Congratulations to all involved and to you for putting the word out for potential donors. So glad it was a happy ending.

good news indeed! hope he makes a sucessful recovery

That is fantastic news. God bless Chris and his family, the donor and his/her family, and all who helped.

Great news…best wishes for Chris! Reds country is rooting for you!

Congrats and good luck to Chris! Can’t wait to hear more good news about him soon.

Not only great news for Chris, but hopefully many others who need this as well and may now get it through the many who signed up through this additional awareness!!

To Chris – I underwent a stem cell transplant Nov. 4, 2011, and consider myself blessed at the outcome and quality of life it’s given me since. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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