After an arduous travel day on Tuesday, I’ve finally arrived in sunny Arizona.

I was originally scheduled to fly from Cincinnati to Phoenix via Minneapolis/St. Paul, but due to the weather, that plan was scrapped.  I had to wait a few extra hours and, instead, fly through Atlanta to get to my final destination.  From Atlanta to Phoenix, I watched Dredd which was surprisingly entertaining (definitely a movie “Mercury” Marty would appreciate).  It kept my attention off the two little kids behind me screaming and kicking my chair.

Before I boarded my plane at CVG, the young lady who scanned my boarding pass said “thanks for helping make Joey Votto the Face of MLB.”  I thought that was really cool.  Here she is…


I took some more photos along the way, including the one of Grace, who was sitting on my suitcase in the morning, making it difficult for me to even start my trip…


When I got to the airport, I had my photo taken because I was the only one in North America wearing a Members Only Jacket AND a “Macho Man” Randy Savage t-shirt.  I think the airport wanted to keep it in their “Do Not Fly” archives…


While waiting in the airport, I picked up an ESPN The Magazine and saw an advertisement for toilet paper…included was a Q&A with Bronson Arroyo, who was asked bathroom-related questions. Very weird…


Here’s a photo from the flight to Phoenix…right about the time the toddler behind me was screaming bloody murder….


When I finally arrived in Phoenix, I was greeted with a sign that read “America’s Friendliest Airport.” Obviously they don’t have Twitter…


And just to rub it in to all of you who are shoveling snow today, here’s a photo from my morning walk…



Well now, it’s time to do some work. The Reds play Team Canada tonight in Goodyear at 9:05pm ET. I’m looking forward to finally being part of the action!

From here on out, I’ll have plenty of photos and other fun stuff right here on the blog. Keep it tuned to this channel!

Expect good news!


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The Bronson toilet thing was kind of disturbing. I feel your pain about the flying and toddler trouble, but as a parent I can tell you it is difficult sometimes to go anywhere with your kids especially on planes (confined public spaces). Take it easy on others traveling with kids. Someday you may experience such travel pains with your kids and you will remember your former attitude towards others. I am sure your parents or parent had some tough times with you. Until then avoid direct flights from anywhere to Orlando.

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