“It all comes down to this…”

Joey Votto has advanced to face Matt Kemp in the finals of MLB Network’s Face of MLB twitter hashtag contest!


Reds fans, you are encouraged to tag #JoeyVotto in ALL of your tweets this week.  Each tweet that includes #JoeyVotto counts as a vote for our beloved first baseman.  Here are a few more details to help:

  • Please only include one (1) #JoeyVotto per tweet.  Otherwise the tweet is considered “spam” and won’t be counted.
  • Retweets DO count.  So, if you see any #JoeyVotto tweets in your timeline, retweet away!
  • You do NOT have to include @MLBNetwork or @MLB or #MLBNetwork, etc in your tweets.  Just #JoeyVotto.
  • “Voting” continues all this week, so don’t let up!

Here’s our pal Jay Bruce (@JayABruce) with a message for all of you folks on Twitter…



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Tried Tweeting you — but not sure if you will see it with all the tweets right now .. someone threw out the idea to have tshirts made that say “I went to Twitter Jail for #JoeyVotto” – I’m sure a lot of people would buy them.

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