Another offensive explosion by both the Reds and Indians on Saturday in Goodyear.  Mark Sheldon’s got the game story HERE.

The same two teams go at it once again this afternoon at 3:05pm ET.  Sam LeCure is scheduled to start for our beloved Redlegs.  You can listen to the game on 700 WLW and the Reds Radio Network or via’s Gameday Audio (see

Click on the PDF file below to see today’s “travel” roster and lineup…



In case you’re wondering, MLB Network’s Face of MLB contest is still very much going on.  #JoeyVotto is currently taking on #AndrewMcCutchen in a hashtag battle.  The winner moves on to the finals to face #MattKemp.

Reds fans, you are encouraged to use the hashtag #JoeyVotto in all of your tweets as we try to make Joey the “Face of MLB.”  The Votto/McCutchen battle ends at 6:30am Monday.  I’m assuming if Joey makes it to the finals, voting picks back up at 9am Monday and will probably span through the entire week.  So, let’s show MLB that Joey and his Reds supporters are the best!


Today's starter Sam LeCure wants you to tweet #JoeyVotto

Today’s starter Sam LeCure wants you to tweet #JoeyVotto


That’s all for now. I’ll have more in a bit.

Expect good news!


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