If you are on twitter, you’ve probably seen Reds fans furiously tweeting the #JoeyVotto hashtag.  The MLB Network asked fans to vote for the face of their club in January, and is now having a competition bracket style via twitter to make one player the Face of MLB.  And let me tell you, based on our track record, Reds fans are LEGENDARY around MLB for their hashtag battles.

Here’s where we are today:

bracket 2-22

Votto has made it to the final four and is now going head to head with Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates.  Voting for this round will end at 6:30am on Monday.  Winner will be announced on the MLB Networks’ Hot Stove show at 9am et that day.

IF Joey advances to the finals, he will take on Matt Kemp of the Dodgers (Kemp won his hashtag battle by a close margin this morning), Monday through Friday of next week for the title of the Face of MLB!

Some of the basic rules: one #JoeyVotto hashtag per tweet only, retweets count, and you don’t need to include @MLBNetwork or #FaceofMLB in the tweet.

There are certainly more important things in life than hashtag battles, but it’s our chance to show the baseball world how much we love our team and have a little fun while we are doing it. Thank you for all your support.  Reds fans are the best! Happy Spring Training!  – Lisa

Washington Nationals v Cincinnati Reds

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