Chris Herrell is a very dear friend of mine who works here with the Reds.  We became close pals soon after I started in the front office in 2000.  He now needs our help.

Please, please, please do what you can to Be The Match.  Join me and others at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum on Friday, February 22 as we host a marrow donor registry drive.  It’s pretty simple and painless and doesn’t cost a thing.  You fill out a quick questionnaire, get the inside of your mouth swabbed and voila!  That’s it!

Who knows, you could be the one who saves my friend.  For more details, check out the flyer below.



If you can’t make it or live out of town like me, it’s very easy to join the registry online at They will mail a sample kit to you, and you just swab your cheek (instructions included) and mail it back in the pre-paid envelopes. It’s SIMPLE. Do it!

I just registered online using the REDS03MATCH promo code. Thanks for posting this. Go Reds!

I wish I was in the age range! Even though I won’t be able to help by being a possible match, I’ll keep him in my prayers. Good luck & bless you

I couldn’t make it downtown today (pesky day job), but I did register online; however I did not know about the Reds Promo Code. Does it matter?

Simple and easy;hoping more people take a few minutes to sign up. Go to and use REDS03MATCH promo code. #ChrisHerrell

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