“Mercury” Marty Brennaman puts the finishing touches on the 2013 Reds Caravan North Tour…

The bus is pulling out of Dayton and if ever there was an unforgettable stop in the history of, not only the Reds Rock Star Group, but the entire Reds Caravan, the stop at the National Museum of the USAF was absolutely record breaking.

Other groups can only aspire, but never really attain the numbers we appeared before today – try two thousand plus (not our numbers, rather, the museum’s announced attendance).  They started lining up at 7 this morning; some of us were still asleep.  When we walked into the hangar where the event was held, it was a sea of faces, with the one constant – the expectation that this was going to be one of the unforgettable days in their lives… and I’m here to tell you, it absolutely was.

It was a fitting way for the greatest of the great, to shut down another Caravan.  This one had its own unique qualities that we will remember as a band of brothers and that you will remember as Reds baseball fans.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, because we pride ourselves on our humility, if the Reds of 2013 perform as well as we did over the last four days, all of the rest of the teams in the  National League can mail it in.

Our individual and collective thanks go out to all whose paths we crossed since Thursday.

And to those of you who had to suffer through the Southern and Western Tours, hopefully, in your future is the Rock Star Group.

Until next time

Mercury Marty

PS – I hope his penmanship gets better

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