We ran into some snow on Friday during the second day of the Reds Caravan Northern Tour and had to navigate through some treacherous conditions on the east side of Ohio. We made it through just fine, though.  Saturday we experienced incredible crowds in Columbus and Lima.  Hall of Famer “Mercury” Marty Brennaman recaps days two and three…

First, my profound apology for not checking in with you great Reds fans at the conclusion of Day Two.  As individuals and as a group, we have been so overwhelmed with a variety of events over the last 48 hours, that I was remiss in checking in with you on Friday.  Sometimes, I’m at a loss for words (but not often) to adequately express the challenges and victories that we deal with over a four-day period.

Friday it seemed as if we were facing, at times, the perils of death; in a blizzard unlike many of us have ever experienced before.  A snowstorm that bordered on a complete white-out.  But it was not a deterrent.  We forged ahead; as our bus trip took us where we needed to be.  And while all of us were on the edge of our seats, I can say with every degree of certainty that not one person in this band of brothers ever had a thought of turning back.

We made our stops, unfortunately with the exception of beautiful Marietta, OH.  But fortunately as the day wore on, the weather got better.  Our day ended up in Parkersburg where we were greeted with another, yes, record-breaking crowd.  When we laid our heads on our pillows in Columbus on Friday night, we did so with a sense of incredible accomplishment – overcoming odds that lesser bus tours (and there are two of them) would’ve never even considered going on.

Saturday was an entirely different day.  The weather was glorious and our personalities were the same…wonderfully off the charts.  From Nationwide Arena in the state’s capital (record-setting crowd) to an intimate get-together in Findlay, to our final stop in Lima, it was all amazing.  In fact, Mr. Brian Tierney, the supervisor of maintenance at Lima Mall was quoted as saying, “There has never been a crowd this large in the Lima Mall for any Reds Caravan stop in all the years I’ve held this position.  And considering the personalities that are here tonight, we didn’t expect anything less.”

We humbly express our great gratitude and love to all the fans on Friday who braved the elements, and those on Saturday who beat the doors down in Columbus and Lima just to look at us.  We know that your time and effort was worth it.

Please look forward to our wrap-up later today.

Love and kisses,


PS – The only problem I’ve experienced on this trip, is realizing that my adult son can’t legibly write his own name.


















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