As we travel the highways and byways of this great state of Ohio in the early morning hours of Day Two of the 2013 Reds Caravan, it’s a time for reflection – a reflection of what turned out to be an incredibly successful Day One.

These daily get-togethers with you have only to do with the Rock Star Group. Because, afterall, does anyone else matter? Every stop, if it’s possible, was better than the previous one. Whether it be a small intimate gathering in picturesque stops like Dayton, Chillicothe and Middleport or an appearance before a massive throng in Athens, Ohio – we conducted ourselves in the same, classy manner no matter where we were. We never tire from the love and adulation that these great Reds fans insist upon bestowing on us; and make no mistake about one thing – they get it back a thousand-fold.

Can today be possibly any better?…You bet it can. When I look into the eyes of people like Brandon Phillips, Tucker Barnhart, Bob Miller, Chris Welsh, Todd Benzinger, Jamie Ramsey and LeRoy Rizzo; at times I’m overwhelmed by the commitment these people are making and will continue to make.

Bring on the wonders of Day Two for this magnificent array of talent – known as the Rock Star Group.

Until tomorrow…parting is such sweet sorrow,


PS – Guess who asked about Thom Brennaman last night in Athens?…..No one.

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I’ll give it to him…the man has a way with words!!!

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