My dear friend “Mercury” Marty Brennaman has issued a few words regarding the upcoming 2013 Reds Caravan (Northern Tour)…

The Reds Winter Caravan is almost here. Four days out of the 365 each year that I point toward.

Its a gathering of greatness…the Rock Star Group (also known as “The Chosen”), if you will.  Bob Miller, our spiritual leader, Jamie Ramsey, Ryan Rizzo, the great Brandon Phillips, last years’ Caravan Rookie of the Year, Tucker Barnhart, Gapper and, I’m truly blessed, yours truly.  Talent, personality, humor, humility and, above all, the God-given ability to connect with you great Reds fans in a positive and in some cases, a life-changing, way.

Believe me, we don’t take any of this lightly. Others might but we don’t.  We hope…no, we know, when you leave one of our Caravan stops, you’re a better person for the experience.

It all starts on Thursday and I fervently hope that before it ends on Sunday the 27th, our paths will cross with yours.  If not, and I don’t mean to sound flippant or trite, there’s always next year.

Every year it’s a love-fest for us.  We know you feel the same.

In closing, always remember…one autograph per person!



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Can’t wait! Doing the trifecta this year! Going Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning!

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