Seeing that it’s Monday, I’m going to try and take it upon myself to lift your spirits today.

Let’s start with this…

See, doesn’t that make you feel a little better?

Just in case you’re not familiar with new(er) Red Jack Hannahan here’s a clip from his press conference held last month at GABP.

Personally, I’m excited Hannahan is on the club.  I think he’ll prove to be a very valuable piece to the 2013 squad.  Great defender, solid lefty bat off the bench.


Not sure if you heard about THIS or not, but Reds outfielder Jay Bruce sang a duet over the weekend with the one and only Garth Brooks!    Way to go Jay!


I have a very close friend  who is need of a marrow transplant.  Could you do me a huge favor by checking out THIS site to see if you could possibly Be The Match.  Thanks, folks.  I really appreciate it.


Don’t forget to catch up with us on the 2013 Reds Caravan!  I’m traveling and blogging this year from the Northern Tour.  I’d love to meet you and say hello!  And if you can’t make it North, I’m sure the guys on the Southern and/or Western Tours wouldn’t mind seeing you!

PS – bring your signs!


I hope to have a list soon of the Reds non-roster Spring Training invitees.  Stay tuned.


There’s rarely a Monday that goes by when I’m not singing or humming this tune (turn it up)….


More in a bit.  Thanks for logging on!


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Thank you for the BP highlight reel. It makes the cold days a little bit warmer and stokes the fire for the first pitch!

I’ll keep your friend in my prayers for a match and quick recovery

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