Pretty quiet today in Better Off Red Headquarters.  The Reds media relations department is in the process of finishing up the 2013 media guide.  I usually write the Player Development section which consists of nearly 200 minor league bios.  This year I received a ton of help from our former intern “The Possum” Dave Lubich, who did most of the heavy lifting.  (Possum was recently hired full-time with the Indians and we’re all very proud of him).

Over the last few days we’ve added a few more minor league players whose bios are required to appear in the guide, so I’ve been finishing those up; dotting the “t’s” and crossing the “i’s.”  (“Strike that.  Reverse it.”  – W. Wonka).  One of those dudes is a player you may be familiar with – Mike Hessman.  Hessman has spent the majority of his 17-year career in the minors and is the active minor league home run leader (384).  My guess is he’ll be doing some damage in Louisville this summer (35 homers last year for the Astros’ Triple-A affiliate in Oklahoma City).


Not sure if you saw it or not, but the Reds have just announced game times for the 2013 campaign.  You can see the complete schedule and even download it HERE.


A special “Happy Birthday” today to Reds blue-chip prospect Tucker Barnhart.  Tucker is a dear friend of BOR and a member of the 2012 Reds Caravan Rock Star Tour.  Here’s hoping he has a great day and a fantastic 2013 baseball season!  You can follow Tucker on Twitter at @Tucker_Barnhart.  


Speaking of the Reds Caravan, I’m told that details of this year’s version will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday).  You bet your bottom dollar we’ll have all of that good stuff posted right here on BOR, but you’re also encouraged to log onto the official Reds Caravan page HERE.


Here are a few photos from around the ballpark today…

Construction continued today on Crosley Terrace

Construction continued today on Crosley Terrace

The new grass is getting a taste of winter

The new grass is getting a taste of winter

A cold and lonely escalator at GABP

A cold and lonely escalator at GABP


Oh, I’m also still cleaning up my office and I have a few BOR shirts left.  Stay tuned as I’ll be giving those away at some point soon.

That’s all for now.  See ya tomorrow!

Expect good news,


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so what all are they doing construction wise in Crosley Terrace? Expanding out the gift shop? Give us something for our Post Bengals loss winter blues until Spring Training. January is a lonely cold month.

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