Congratulations to the following winners of the Better Off Red Headquarters’ Clean-Up Contest: Shari Grant (blog), Jeff Kramer (Twitter) and Bryan Combs (Instagram).

Shari’s response to the B.U.R.T. acronym was:  “Brains Underneath Ramsey’s Thoughts.”  classic!

Jeff correctly answered the Twitter question and was randomly chosen as the winner.  The answer was “Merchandise.”  When my grandma would get after my grandpa for all the  junk in the garage, he’d tell her it was merchandise, not junk.

Bryan’s cleaning tip on Instagram was:  “I interned at a garage in college.  One day, I was really working hard and breaking a sweat and the old man who worked there for years took me aside and said, ‘Son, you’re working way too hard.  Let me give you a tip.  Find the dirtiest rag you can and just walk around.  They’ll think you are the hardest worker in the place.'”

I have a feeling the old guy Bryan was referring to worked on a few of my previous jalopies.

Congratulations to the winners.  They each get a load of the “merchandise” that was taking up residence in BOR HQ.



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