Win stuff, new hats and anything else I can think of…

Our friend Jamie is out for the day and so you get the understudy. He does plan on being back in tomorrow and will announce the winners of the Better Off Red Headquarters’ Clean Up Contest upon his return. His office door is locked or I’d try to go through the boxes to see if there is anything I want to keep first.

We’re still looking for a correct answer in the Twitter portion of the contest.  Because I don’t have as many Twitter followers as Mr. Ramsey (follow me at @lisabraun), I’m going to help you out and post the question here on the blog too.  You will still need to send your response to @jamieblog with the hashtag #BetterOffRed.  Here’s the question.  It’s a tough one…

@jamieblog: #BetterOffRed:  My grandfather used to have lots of clutter in his garage.  My grandmother called it junk.  My grandfather called it _______.

I’m going to give you a hint.  Don’t tell him I did.  Hint: mercancías

And now the portion of the blog I’d like to call “OK, YES, CALM DOWN, THERE ARE NEW BP CAPS”

There’s been some talk via social media lately about the new 2013 Reds Batting Practice Caps.  Since there hasn’t been an official announcement yet from MLB and New Era, I decide to ask around about the background on these caps and share a sneak peek.

2013 BP Caps

2013 BP Caps

Dugout jackets, BP jerseys and BP hats for MLB Clubs are changed about every 3 or 4 years.   In June of 2012, MLB approached the Reds with the a new design concept for the 2013 on-field Batting Practice Cap.  New Era recommended artwork for Clubs that featured a more traditional baseball look on a new lighter weight, more breathable, structured, high crown cap.  It was recommended to and approved by the Reds to go with the Mr. Redlegs sleeve patch from our jerseys. I mean, who doesn’t love Mr. Redlegs? Feedback from the clubhouse led us to choosing the black for our 2012 Road BP Caps.

You’ll be able to check out these new caps starting in February at Spring Training in Goodyear.

Thanks for hanging out with me today on Better Off Red.  Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy 2013 with plenty of these…

Reds Win 2

Take care, Lisa

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Really nice caps! These are sure to be very popular. Simple and classy. First class from a first class organization. Way to go Reds!

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