So, anybody working this week?  Whether you are or you aren’t, I hope you had a great holiday and now get some free time to relax a little bit.

I’m back in the office today and one of my tasks is to declutter BOR Headquarters…it may take a while!


Burt BobbleRed, on the otherhand, isn’t working at all.  Rather, he’s out playing in the snow today at Great American Ball Park….



More soon.

Expect good news



How much does Burt make for doing nothing?

Am I working this week? I’ve worked every day this week. Granted, we only had a half-day on Monday for Christmas Eve, and I only had to put in two hours on Tuesday (that’s still two hours more than I’d like to put in on Christmas), and we closed after a half-day yesterday due to the blizzard, so it’s not like I’ve worked full-time this week, but still… Next week, I’ll likely have a full work day on Monday and put in another hour or two on Tuesday.

Burt looks cold!

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