A few things today…

First, I hope you all had a happy Veteran’s Day!


Redsfest tickets are now on sale!  Please visit to purchase ’em.  There, you’ll also find a helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” section.


The Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year Award winners will be announced live tonight at 6pm ET on MLB Network.  Tune in to see if our own Todd Frazier takes home the hardware!


Tomorrow’s Hot Stove League radio show will be broadcast live from the Holy Grail (at the Banks).  Jim Day will host the hour-long program. Bronson Arroyo is expected to call in to chat about baseball and Hurricane Sandy relief.  You’re encouraged to stop by and see the show live and take in the fun that you could only experience in-person.  Trust me, it’s a blast.


The results for the 2012 Burt Awards will be announced later today right here on Better Off Red.  Log on to see who won!


Finally, I have some terrible news to report…

This morning I received an email that I wish never had to be written.  It was from loyal Better Off Red supporter Laela T-B and she informed me that her husband Rob B had passed away.

I knew Rob mostly as @SpeedWalrus, the kind, big-hearted Reds fan with one of the best whiskery moustaches this side of Sam LeCure.  He was always there for an uplifting word of encouragement and he never flinched in the face of a Reds defeat – or more importantly –  in the face of his battle with cancer.

Rob always participated in our contests and was a breath of fresh air when it came to online interaction regarding the Reds and other quirky topics like TV shows and music.  He indulged me in more than one hilarious Twitter conversation and was a constant reminder that there are  real-life, good-hearted people behind that “@” symbol.

I regret not interacting with the Speed Walrus as much as I could’ve.  I regret not keeping up with his blog as much I should’ve.  I wish I had hung out with him.  Rob had many interests, including running and motorcycling.  After he found out he had cancer, I remember Laela telling me that he was embarking on a cross-country trip on his iron steed.  He documented his trip online.  Simply outstanding.

A while back, Rob sent me a t-shirt that featured his “logo” and the words “Ride On.”  I’m wearing that shirt as I type this.

This news hits me especially hard as I recently found out that my father has a very advanced stage of the “big C.” Here’s hoping my old man can handle his illness like Rob did – with extraordinary courage and exceptional positivism.

Ride On, Walrus.  We won’t forget ya, big guy.


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