For the final time, I’ve got a new batch of ballots for the 2012 Burt Awards!

If you’re just joining us, you can catch up HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE….and feel free to vote as many times and as often as you’d like.

Remember, just because this is the last day of ballots doesn’t mean it’s the last day of voting.  We’ll accept your votes all the way through November 11.  Results will be posted right here on Better Off Red, beginning November 12 (the same day you can purchase Redsfest tickets).

So let’s jump right into the final day of categories/nominees, shall we?

Our first category of Day Five is a new one to The Burts – “Favorite Game of 2012.”  There had to be a Reds game this year that you enjoyed the most.  Which was it?  And if the choices don’t fancy your taste, click “other” and be sure to write in your vote in the comments section of this post.


The next category is also a new one to The Burts this year – “Best Twitter Account.”  Many of our Reds players have a Twitter account and are active with their Tweets.  The nominees also include a few Tweeters who are closely associated with the club.  Choose wisely, friends.


Category three is “Best Mascot.”  The nominees include our 4 regulars, as well as a new one for 2012 – The Cup.  Last year, Mr. Redlegs was the winner in this category with 46% of the vote.  Will he repeat?


Next is “Player You Best Not Mess With.”  When push comes to shove, there’s that one guy on the Reds team you just absolutely want to avoid at all cost.  He’s the guy you do not want to tangle with if there were an on-field brawl.  In your opinion, who is “that” guy?  Last year, you chose Jonny Gomes with 57% of the vote.


The fifth category is another new one to The Burts:  “Favorite Food at GABP.”  Whenever you go to Great American Ball Park, there’s that one delicious item that you can’t watch the game without.  What is it at GABP that makes your belly growl and your tongue slap your eyeballs?  And if the menu we listed doesn’t suit ya, click “other” and write in your vote in the comments section of this post.


We’re not done yet!  We have a Bonus Category! Of the nominees listed, which would you like to see made into a bobblehead in 2013?  And please note, this is just for our amusement and doesn’t necessarily mean the “winner” will get a bobble next year.


Well that does it folks.  All of the nominees for the 2012 Burt Awards have now been announced.  Remember, you can vote as many times as you want until midnight November 11.  The more votes, the better.

And once you’re finished voting, feel free to discuss all things “Burt Awards” in the comments section of this post or on Twitter using the hashtag #TheBurts.


Expect good news



Favorite food – Big Red Smokey (clear oversight!!!)

Funnel Fries

player not to mess with is Johnny Cueto

Mat Latos-Red you best not mess with

Player not to mess with: Mat Latos

Player not to mess with= Mat Latos, Favorite Ballpark food- Nachos!

best not mess with Mat Latos!

I have lots of write-ins today (even when it wasn’t an option).
Best game: walk-off win on 9/27, which happened to be my birthday and my name was on the board earlier in the game! Also was last home game of regular season
Best Twitter: Um, @jamieblog!
Best food: the veggie dogs; probably an unpopular choice, but they are the best veggie dogs I have had anywhere
Bobblehead: how about Eric Davis? He has probably been honored before, but I always wish he got more credit in Reds history; however, any of those choices are great

Funnel Fries

Nachos – not a lot to choose from if you’re gluten free!

Where’s @Jamieblog for Best Twitter? So modest.

Best tweeter. @moegger1530 and @jamieblog
Best food. funnel fries!

Best food — Skyline Cheese Coney.

Best Food – Funnel Fries fer sure

Build your own hot dog

Favorite food nachos. Can’t believe @jamieblog was left off the favorite twitter account!

Favorite food- Pretzilla with a cheese cup!!! Nom nom nom!!!

Favorite food. Lemon Ice Chiller.

Skyline cheese coney, hands down.

Can’t Funnel Fries aren’t a choice.

Best food = Helmet Nachos!!

LeStache – Bobble – that is all.

As for my favorite food? Anything my Abbie makes!!!

Nachos for sure.

Special request for the LeStache bobblehead: The stache should bobble separately from the head!

Best food. Nachos in the batting helmet

best food is the cheese fries, even better when they were served in a helmet with chicken fingers!

favorite food – helmet nacho!

Favorite Food at GABP: Skyline Cheese Coney

Favorite Game of 2012: July 15 vs. STL on Sunday Night Baseball. Scott Rolen’s 2-RBI single in the 8th and Chapman striking-out Furcal to secure the win.

The “helmet” nachos are awesome!! Especially covered in jalapeños! That’s my fav GABP food!!

I would not mess with Homer Bailey

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