Here we are, already on Day Three of The Burts!  I hope you folks have been voting because there are a lot of close calls.  Remember, you can vote as many times as you want until midnight November 11.

We have a new batch of polls today, consisting of some of our favorite categories.  The nominees are in, so cast your ballots!

Fittingly, our first category today is “Best Fielder.”  Last night, the Reds led all Major League teams with SIX finalists for the Rawlings Gold Glove Award.  Unfortunately, all six were snubbed.  One of those players could instead win a Burt Award, which is much more prestigious anyway, right? (say yes).  The reigning Burt winner in this category is Brandon Phillips who took 89% of the vote in 2011.


Our next category is “Best Swing.”  Last year, Joey Votto won with 59% of the vote.  Will he repeat?


Next is “Player You’d Most Like to Hang Out With.”  The Reds, especially in 2012, had a lot of really fun guys in the clubhouse.  All had their own unique personalities, interests and senses of humor.  So, of the nominees, who would you most like to hang out with?  Brandon Phillips walked away with the Burt last year with 52% of the vote.


Cincinnati loves its chili with cheese, its reality shows with Lacheys and its baseball players with dirt on their uniforms. All too often we saw the 2012 nominees for Grittiest Player in tough situations, albeit diving in the outfield, called to the mound to pitch out of a jam, colliding at home plate, etc.   But who is the grittiest?  Ryan Hanigan is the current title holder with 48% of the vote in 2011.


Our final category of Day Three is “Player Who Best Wears his Uniform.”  They say ‘the uniform makes the man,’ and that can certainly ring true when it’s a Cincinnati Reds uniform.  Pants up and stirrups high?  Or baggy with some room to move?  It’s your call.  All of the nominees have their own distinct style.  But who’s is best?  Last year, Mike Leake won with 45% of the vote.


Now that you’ve voted, feel free to discuss all things “Burt Awards” in the comments section of this post or on Twitter using the hashtag #TheBurts.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow as we reveal the Day Four categories and nominees!

Rock the vote!



They are all great to me….They all deserve an award

Need to add bark in the park nice dog leash!!!

Great season to build on for next season, which I hope will finally be a world series title! GO REDS!

Jamie, I love seeing you w/ the Reds.. You have got one of the greatest smiles Iv’e ever seen… You make me smile every time.. You have a great gift..

Joey wears it best….especially from behind!

I really like a lot of them..I had a hard time picking…I like cozart and Phillips are a geat pair for short and second…

I’d have to put Drew Stubbs up for Best Uniform too. Always well pressed & frankly, the man doesn’t make a pair of unflattering white pants look too shabby.

I vote Pete Rose for Hall of Fame!

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