Here’s to all of our friends on the east coast.  We’re pulling for you!

Now, on to Day Two of The Burts…

If you’re just joining us, polls opened yesterday for the first five categories of The Burt AwardsCLICK HERE to vote for the day one contenders.  (Thanks to the people carrying pitchforks and torches in my front yard, I added Ryan Hanigan as a nominee for the 2012 MVP category).

Today, we will unveil the categories and nominees for the second batch of polls.  Remember, you can vote as often as you’d like.

Without further ado…

Our first category of Day Two is “Most Valuable Pitcher.”  What a season for Bryan Price and the Reds pitching staff.  For the first time in many years, the Reds could boast being one of the best pitching teams in baseball.  Johnny Cueto took home “the Burt” in this category last year with 74% of the vote. You have to think he’s the odds-on favorite to repeat in 2012, yes/no?


Next is the “Super Sub” category.  The Reds were lucky in 2012 to have some very talented players off the bench.  Miguel Cairo was last year’s winner in this category with 62% of the vote.  Miggy is once again on the ballot this year.


Our third category of Day Two is “Player You Most Enjoy Watching.”  There’s no shortage of superstars on this Reds club and this should be one of the more difficult votes to cast this year.  In 2011, our main man “Dat Dude BP” aka Brandon Phillips took home the Burt with 54% of the vote. I have a feeling he’ll be a perennial nominee in this category.


One of our favorite categories is “Best Hair.”  Do you prefer Bronson’s long-flowing style, Wilson’s colorful head/chin matching combo?  What about Mike’s first-half mane (and second-half mop)?  And who can overlook Johnny’s incredible display of dreads?  But let’s not forget last year’s winner with 29% of the vote – Sam LeCure and his always inventive thatch.


Our final category of Day Two is “Best In-Game Feature” at Great American Ball Park.  The Reds production/scoreboard team is second-to-none and always provides top-flight entertainment during Reds home games.  But which feature is your favorite?  Last year it was the “Kiss Cam” with 23% of the vote.


Now that you’ve voted, feel free to discuss all things “Burt Awards” in the comments section of this post or on Twitter using the hashtag #TheBurts.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow as we reveal the Day Three categories and nominees!

Vote, vote, vote!



Mike Leake’s hair…AFTER his haircut!!!

Cozart for most enjoy watching.

Sam LeCure for all topics!

Although I may have spent well over $300 dollars on Reds games this year, it was well worth it. One more reason to get away from the lady friend.
P.S – The Cardinal is an ugly bird

Great season! Really got my moneys worth on the season tickets. Why does Ryan Hannigan’s hair always look wet/greasy? Jim Day rules the earth.

I need a ring badly!!!!

You have to respect any mustache with it’s own twitter account. Although…I was really glad to see Leake get a haircut (can we send Arroyo to his barber?).

Difficult to pick between the Strikeout Flames & the Kiss Cam too -especially when the Kiss Cam swings into the opposing team’s dugout. Too funny!

It’s a hard one today Jamie!

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