Alright, ladies and gentlemen!  It’s time to vote for the second annual Burt Awards…or as we at BOR Headquarters like to call it – “The Burts.”

The Burts – named after Better Off Red mascot Burt BobbleRed – will recognize the accomplishments and quirks that contributed to a memorable and fun season for the 2012 National League Central Division Champions.

In addition to the traditional categories (MVP, Best Pitcher, etc), we also have some unconventional awards to hand out, such as “Best Mascot,” “Favorite Game” and “Best Hair.

Beginning now until Friday, a new batch of categories will be unveiled daily for voting.  Polls will close at midnight, November 11.  Results will be posted right here on BOR on Monday, November 12 (the same day Redsfest tickets go on sale.)

The nominees for each category were determined by the hard-working staff at Better Off Red and members of the Cincinnati Reds front office.  We tried to keep the nominees at 5 per category, but as you’ll see in some instances we had to include more than 5.

If you miss a day, or just want to go back and vote some more, click on the “The Burt Awards” link listed under the “Categories” section on the sidebar of this blog.  You can vote as much and as often as you’d like.

So without further ado, the first 5 polls are open!


Our first category is 2012 Reds Most Valuable Player.  We limited the nominees to position players since we’ll also have a 2012 Reds Most Valuable Pitcher category.  Last year, Joey Votto won with 66% of the vote.


This poll is for the Best Reds Baserunner.  Keep in mind, sometimes the best baserunner isn’t always the one who steals the most bases.  Last year, Drew Stubbs won this category with 70% of the vote.


Next is Best Newbie.  Nominees were based on “rookie” status as well as “newcomer” status to the Reds club.  This is arguably the toughest category for 2012.  Last year, Zack Cozart won with 39% of the vote.  He’s also a 2012 nominee.


This poll is for Best Announcer.  Last year, “Mercury” Marty Brennaman won with 41% of the vote.  Can he repeat?


The final category for Day One voting is “Best GABP Promotional Giveaway.”  There were lots to choose from in 2012, so cast your vote wisely.  Last year the “Joey Votto MVP Bobblehead” won with 26% of the vote.


Check back tomorrow as we’ll have 5 more Burt Award categories for you to vote on!  And remember, you can vote as much as you want.



Fun stuff, Jamie. If I may offer a write-in vote for MVP: Ryan Hanigan. Phenomenal in handling the pitchers, hit well, etc…

I’ll second the write-in for Hanigan! Also, no rally-towel in the best promotional giveaway? Just kidding! Too soon, I know. Too soon.

Is it spring yet!!

This is great! Big thanks to Jamie and the “hard-working staff at Better Off Red and members of the Cincinnati Reds front office” who determined the nominees for each category.

Hanagan no1

Ah Hanigan should get something!

Ryan Hanigan for MVP! He’s so under-appreciated.

I can’t wait for Reds Fest!

Todd filled in at 1st and 3rd for Votto and Rollen. He played a little outfield to get his bat in the lineup. Hands down.

Add my vote for Ryan Hanigan for team MVP! He did an incredible job handling the pitching staff and throwing out runners and also hit well. An unsung hero to be sure!🙂

I agree that Hannigan should definitely be on the list for MVP. All-around solid ballplayer that makes a huge difference behind the plate.

Hanigans name should be out there.

Ryan Hanigan should get MVP… He did an awesome job again this year… Love him…🙂

They were all most valuable players to me!

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I agree with Hanigan for MVP. I just felt better about the pitcher when he was in

Definitely Ryan Hanigan for MVP!

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