DIVISION SERIES FORMAT: For the 2012 Postseason only, the best-of-5 Division Series will begin with 2 home games for lower seeds, followed by up to 3 home games for higher seeds…this is a 1-year change that eliminates a travel day prior to a potential Division Series Game 5…the elimination of the travel day accommodates the new Wild Card game while keeping the remainder of the Postseason on schedule…this year’s format was necessary because the 2012 regular season schedule was in place before the new Postseason format officially was enacted…in 2013, the Division Series will return to the 2-2-1 format used from 1998-2011…under the 2-2-1 format, the 2 division winners in each League with the best records host Games 1, 2 and, if necessary, Game 5…in March 1998 the clubs voted to replace the 2-3 format, which had been in place for the Division Series each year from 1995-1997, with the 2-2-1 format to include an extra off-day for travel…from 1995-1997, a predetermined rotation dictated which division winners would hold home-field advantage in the Division Series.

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