Above is a prize package that includes a champaign bottle cork from Saturday’s “clinch” game. Also included is a 2012 Hall of Fame polo shirt (size Medium), a MLB decal, “A Tribute to Reds Broadcasters” CD, a Reds braided necklace and a flight menu from the Reds charter in May.

This prize package can be yours if: (a) you’re lucky and (b) you can correctly answer the question below…

Using the comments section of this blog post, tell me who holds the Reds single-season home run record by a switch hitter.  I also want to know what year this person set the record and how many home runs he hit.

Please follow directions as this is a 3-part answer.  One attempt at answering per person, please.

One random person, who correctly answered the question will be chosen tomorrow (Wednesday).

Tip: I notice that some folks think that if they provide extra information in their answer, they have a better shot at winning.  On the contrary.

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Felipe Lopez. 23 Phunkblasts. 2005.

FelIpe Lopez – 23 – 2005

felipe lopez 2005 23hrs

Felipe Lopez 25 hrs 2005

Felipe Lopez, 25 homeruns in 2005.

Felipe López hit 23 in 2005.

Pete rose, 1966, 16 hr’s

Felipe Lopez,23HR,2005

Felipe Lopez 23 HR in 2005

Felipe Lopez 2005 23 homeruns

Felipe Lopez 23hr ’05

Felipe Lopez hit 23 hr in 2005

Felipe López with 23 hrs in 2005

Felipe Lopez hit 23 home runs in 2005

It was Pete Rose and he actually hit 16 twice once in 1966 & again in 1969!

Felipe López, 2005, 23 HR

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