I certainly don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but at this point, it’s certainly within reason to look at the postseason picture.

MLB has a pretty cool bracket page from where I borrowed the below image…

That’s what the scenario currently looks like as of 2pm today.

As of now, the Reds would be the “second seed” in the National League and would play the first two games of the  National League Division Series in San Francisco before returning home to play three more against the Giants (if necessary, best of five).

You may notice the “2 on the road, 3 at home” format is different this year because of the added Wild Card team.  The “2-2-1” system returns in 2013.

If the Reds win the NLDS, they’d go on to play the winner of the Washington vs. Atlanta/St.Louis NLDS.  Again, this is how the situation stacks up as of 2pm today and certainly subject to change based on how the rest of the season plays out.

So, I pose to you a couple of questions…

All interesting (and exciting) stuff to think about as the regular season draws to a close.  However, as I mentioned previously here on BOR, championship caliber teams and their fans shouldn’t really be concerned about who they face on the road to a championship.  In other words, “think like a champion.”

Enjoy the game.

Expect good news,


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