It is simply the coolest, hippest, funkiest t-shirt in the world.  And you want one.

Now you can win one.

Today, to commemorate the current Reds magic number,  I’m giving away FOUR  Better Off Red “Funkblast”shirts featuring Burt BobbleRed.

Two shirts will be given away, randomly to two of my Twitter followers.  Simple as that.  No catch. (to follow me on Twitter, check out the sidebar of this page —> )

The other two shirts will be given away here on the blog…..but you’re gonna have to work for ’em.

Here’s what you have to do to win the shirts that I’m giving away here on BOR:

  1. Follow directions
  2. Using the “comments” section of this blog post, correctly answer the question below
  3. Please do not answer more than once and DO NOT ANSWER ON TWITTER.
  4. I will choose two random winners and notify them by email sometime tomorrow (Thursday)
  5. Sign a contract that states you will read Better Off Red every day for the next 26 years

QUESTION: In 1972, the Reds held their 39th year of spring training in Tampa, Florida.  Their training camp was held at the team’s “Fabulous Redsland minor league complex.”  How much did that Redsland minor league complex cost?  

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The Field cost: $287,901 Thanks!



$287,901 so says the reliable Wikipedia!

The Redsland minor league complex cost $287,901.

Al Lopez Field, $287,901


Redsland cost $250,000 to build?

Al Lopez field cost $287,901!


Less than Goodyear.


$287,901 looks like that is correct

Al Lopez Field cost $287,901.

$287,900.99. Gotta round up for the funkblast.




$287,901 #takethecentral.

4.6 million dollars




$287,901, Bob!



Just off the top of my head… I’ll say $287,901.

$287,901 for the field.

The Redsland minor league complex cost $287,901.


$287,901 in 1972….which would be $1,537,151.52 in today’s dollars.


$287,901 👍



$287,901 in 1954 dollars…. $2,465,663.36 in 2012 dollars

$287,901 in 1955

$287,901 #reds


287, 901……..brrrrrrother

$287, 901

Al Lopez Field cost $287,901.



$287, 901.

Wikipedia says $287,901 to build Al Lopez field. And if Wikipedia says it, it must be right…right?

287,901 for Al Lopez field.

Redsland cost $287,901 dollars also know as the Reds magic number today multiplied by 71975 plus 1🙂 Go Red Legs !!!!!

I’m going to say $287,901.

The cost to build the park in 1955 was $282,901. Thanks!


$287,901. 4 games countdown!!



Built in 1955 , $282,901 or around $2.1 million today !

I’ll say $287,901, Jamie!


2 million dollars


$287,901. and where can i download the contract to sign for reading the blog?🙂

$287,901. Also known as way more money than I’ve ever made.😦

Tampa Sports Authority built the complex with tourist tax revenues.


$287,901 – Al Lopez Field

I’d say between 5-8 million.




Built in 1955 at a cost of $282,901 ($2.1 million in today’s dollars), Al Lopez Field served as Tampa’s baseball Mecca for more than 30 years. Named in honor of Tampa native and Baseball Hall of Famer Al Lopez, the 4,000-seat stadium first served as the Spring Training home of the Chicago White Sox until 1959. The following year, the Cincinnati Reds made it their permanent preseason home until 1987.

$287,901. Hope I win!

$287,901 in 1954. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the reds clinch with a walk-off funkblast by bruce the night of the tweet-up?!


280,961.26 Canadian Dollars

$282,901 ($2.1 million in today’s dollars)


I can’t wait to wear my Funkblast shirt to the NLDS games I scored tickets for the this morning!

3 million

Ill go with $1 Jamie LOL #PriceIsRight



$287,901- Wonder what the $1 was for?

$287,901 cost of Al Lopez Field

Al Lopez field cost $287,901!



One million dollars.


$287,901 (or 0.0095 Chapmans, not accounting for inflation and bonuses)


I’m gonna say $290,001 and NINE CENTS



Wikipedia $287,901
Tampa Sports History $287,901


$287,901 for Al Lopez Field PLUS the costs of the adjacent training facilities that comprised the complex known as “Redsland.”

$287, 901 was the cost to build of Al Lopez Field aka RedsLand!!





$287,901…..I’d LOVE one of these new shirts! :o)

The cost to conscrute the stadium was $287,901.

$287,901 according to the interwebs.








It was $287,901! Go REDS!

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