Recently Hall of Famer Barry Larkin took to social media to answer 11 questions from Reds fans.

As part of the 11 Days of Barry Larkin celebration, here are the questions/answers from Twitter and Facebook…


1.    Zack Evers (@zeek35) – You’re my favorite baseball player of all time. Who’s yours?
BL: My favorite players: Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion

2.    Chasse Sawyer (@chassesawyer) – What’s the one thing you will always remember about playing for the Cincinnati Reds?
BL: Playing in the town I grew up in…dreaming about and getting to play for Reds

3.    Jason Skinner (@datdudewhopper) – What was your favorite team to play with (meaning year)?
BL: 1990 team had great personalities.  1999 team was fun also.

4.    Jesse Auciello (@jesseauciello) – Are you interested in being a coach or manager at some point?
BL: If managerial opportunity becomes available in a few years then I would look at that option.

5.    zwright (@zwright05h) – Mr.Larkin, What was your favorite ballpark when on the road?
BL: I really enjoyed Shea stadium…liked Wrigley and Dodger stadium.


6.    Kenny Hughes – Who is winning the Series this year?
BL: There’s a bunch of baseball left to play. Too early to predict…all teams have weaknesses.

7.    Summer Patterson – Who is your favorite current Reds player?
BL: I like Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto and the Cuban missile Aroldis Chapman.

8.    Mark King – Who was the funniest teammate?
BL: Funniest teammates: Luis Quinones and Sean Casey.

9.    Chris Gabis – You were an inspiration for me as a young baseball player, who were the players you looked up to?
BL: I looked up to Pete Rose.

10.    John Parker – Who was the toughest pitcher you faced?
BL: I had trouble with RHP Marvin Freeman…Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan were intimidating.

11.     Steven Robinson –  What was your greatest moment as a Red?
BL: As a team…winning the world series…individually….being the first Shortstop to join 30/30 club.


Also, here’s the soundtrack for Friday’s Barry Larkin-themed postgame fireworks show…

00:00 – 01:04      House of Pain                                                    Jump Around

00:56 – 01:59      MC Hammer                                                      Can’t Touch This

01:50 – 03:25      The Script Ft. Will.I.Am                                  Hall of Fame

03:17 – 04:15      LL Cool J                                                               Mama Said Knock You Out.

04:14 – 05:16      Nelly                                                                      Hot in Here

05:15 – 06:52      Run DMC                                                             Walk This Way

06:38 – 08:22      Dr. Dre                                                                  Nuthin’ But A G Thang

08:16 – 09:37      Kenny Loggins                                                   Danger Zone

09:24 – 11:17      Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch                     Good Vibrations

11:11 – 12:45      Will Smith                                                            Getting Jiggy With It

12:37 – 14:19      Poison                                                                  Nothing But A Good Time

14:13 – 16:00      Quad City DJ’s                                                   Come on Ride The Train

16:00                     ~end~



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