According to our friends at Elias Sports Bureau, The Reds last went 16-2 from July 30-August 18, 1975.

Also from Elias, Johnny Cueto hasn’t allowed a home run since Col’s Todd Helton hit a 2-run HR in the second inning on 5/25 at Great American Ball Park…since then he has made 11 starts and has thrown 78.0 innings without allowing a homer, the longest homerless streak in the Major Leagues this season and the longest by a Reds pitcher since Bruce Berenyi threw 85.1 homerless innings from 6/19-8/24, 1982.

Last night the Reds hit 5 solo homers on the road for the first time since 7/10/08 at Wrigley Field.


The current scene at Coors Field. Rockies staffers are getting ready for Photo Day today on the field.


I mentioned it on Twitter last night, but in case you missed it, Ryan Ludwick has established a sort of trademark for himself.  One of the funniest guys in the clubhouse, Ludwick greets fellow teammates with a very loud and goofy-sounding “BROTHER!”  I think what makes it even funnier is the ridiculous look on his face when he says it.  

It’s catching on with his teammates because I’ve noticed when Luddy is taking batting practice, some of the Reds players in the outfield holler “BROTHER!” at him. 

In any event, I love the “BROTHER!” term (more like a growl) and he knows that I’m telling you all about it, so feel free to bring the appropriate signs and posters to Great American Ball Park – especially if you’re sitting out in left field.

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