Earlier this season, Reds Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman went on record to say that if this Cincinnati club ever wins 10 straight games this year, he’ll shave his head bald.  Well, the Reds are currently on a 9-game winning streakA victory today at Coors Field means Marty will soon be sitting in a barber’s chair.  (Update: The Reds defeated the Rockies Sunday, 7-2, which means Marty is destined for Clipper City).

Reds pitcher Homer Bailey has requested to do the cutting. 

Marty confirmed his intentions today in the middle of the Reds clubhouse.  Several players and coaches are very excited about the prospect of Marty having to shave his trademark white helmet. 

Marty said if this happens, it will have to take place this coming weekend because he has television commercials to do during the week.

Stay tuned as suddenly today’s game might be the biggest of the year for the Reds!


He kind of looks like a less-pointy conehead in this simulation.

commerical for GREAT CLIPS when he cuts his hair as Homer as the barber

Are you sure that’s not a ‘young’ Joe Nuxhall?!?!? Sure does resemble him!

Mr. Clean has nothin on him……..Ya know what Im talkin about?

already shaved my hubby’s hair in support of Marty!

He looks like slightly more svelte Mike Brown.

Noooo!!!! Not that pretty hair!!!!

That has got to be the worst photo-shop job ever.

I agree it is conehead Marty.

Be even better if Bronson would shave his head as well!!!

Best shot of Marty i’ve seen in years, This is a man who keeps his word which is hard to find in this world anymore.

I totally agree!

much better Mr. Jamie. I can’t wait to see the real deal this weekend. Please be sure to post it as soon as the grand shaving takes place. I have heard of other shavings and acts of self mutilation to take place as the win streak continues. Care to share?

he should have to shave his downstairs mix up too, since they did this without Votto

make the event a charity auction to see who gats to do it. Proceeds to Nuxhall baseball


Heard tonight that the loser is backing out.

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