Here’s the menu from the Reds charter flight from Houston to Denver.  I’m going to give it away when I return home, along with a Better Off Red “Funkblast” shirt.  Stay tuned…



geeee my last fight on Delta I got a brown bag lunch

A lot better than the menu Delta gives me. Jussayin!

I want to be on that flight – beats the usual over-priced boxed fare offered to those of us in Coach!

All I get from Delta is a puke bag

Looks similar to my menu when I flown from Newark, NJ to Kuwait City, Kuwait….. That flight was 16 hours…. theirs is maybe an hour and they get all that.

Wow, hope they didn’t overeat. We need to keep rolling.

Am I The Only One Laughing At Mrs And Mr T. Bloody Mary Mix ? Lol

Did u guys at least get the honey roasted peanuts.:}

Ill gladly take that and the shirt off of your hands

I would love that! Plus, Wednesday was my birthday, so it would be awesome to have something like that with my birthday typed on the top!

You deserve those treats. Your Reds!!!! Go Reds!!!

This is what your ticket at GABP buys!

Wouldn’t be the same without the Biscoff cookies!

No Skyline Chili? I’d complain.

It’s a bunch of junk food! My God people….feed the players like champions and they’ll play like champions!

Ok and just what did you have Mr. Ramsey? I am curious!

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