Hey Reds fans!  Please take a minute today to wish our favorite Reds blogger and all around good guy Jamie Ramsey (@jamieblog) the happiest of birthdays.  He’s the best.

Thanks, Lisa


Happy birthday Jamie! Hope you are enjoying the road trip!

Happy Birthday, Jamie!!! Great time for birthdays…..mine was yesterday! GO REDS!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
we share the same birthday month.
Go Reds!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday Jamie. May this day be great for you. @nastyboysclub

Happy Birthday. Thank you for everything you do, have a great day.

Happy Birthday Jamie — Thanks for being so #Reds Awesome.

Happy birthday Jamie!!! Hope you get everything you wish for!!!

Happy birthday, Jamie. Thanks for all you do for Reds fans. What a great birthday trip. Go Reds!!

Happy birthday, Mr. BOR! Love your positive attitude and wish there was more of it in the world. Have a great off day in the mile high city

Happy Birthday Jamie! May you be showered with blessings today!

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!!

Happy Birthday Jamie! Expect good news!!!! Our beloved Reds are nothing short of REDS-ceptional!

Happy Birthday Jamie ! I have one tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to a fellow July baby (my birthday was Monday)! Thanks, Jamie, for all you do and for your positive attitude in all circumstances!🙂

Happy Birthday Jamie! 🙂

Happy day after birthday BOR is the best Reds Blog keep up the good work

Here’s wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays,……and many, many more, my friend!!!! What you are doing,….you are doing well!!!!! May He continue to bless you,…..always!!!!

Happy Birthday, Jamie! Have a great day, and a great year. Hopefully we will be following you into the playoffs and beyond.

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